Deluxe Head Halter For Neck Traction

Deluxe Head Halter for Cervical Traction at BakTrac

Head halter traction is a spinal therapy used for cervical ailments and injuries. It works on the same principles as skin tightness treatments, with a neck traction device creates tension against your head or body to stretch out muscles in those areas.

Uses of Head Halter Traction

Head halter and other Back pain relief products are used in the following conditions:

  • To relieve neck pain and stiffness due to conditions like cervical spondylosis
  • Relieve cervical muscle tightness
  • Relieving pain in the upper limb, upper chest, or back due to disc herniation
  • Sprains in neck
  • Temporary solution for cervical injuries until a definitive treatment commences

The deluxe head halter at BakTrac is a traction neck device used for neck traction at home. It has two soft chin pads connected with cord loops to hold the back of your head and chin. These pads are made from soft foam and coated with a hypoallergenic cotton stockinet.

You can use this device separately or combine it with the neck traction kit for complete at-home therapy.

How does It work?

The Head halter traction device works by stretching the muscles and vertebrae to relieve pain and stiffness, and it is the same as that of stretching neck tissues. The halter traction provides rest to tissues and muscles by limiting the movement during therapy.